The concept

Creation of a recycling bin with the following features:

  • Automated opening with photovoltaic energy supply
  • Password entry keyboard
  • Integrated scales for calculating the weight of the recyclables (paper, aluminum, glass)
  • Data transfer to the owner company through a wifi system
  • Bonus return for the users (commercial centers, super markets) or reductions on the council taxes (Municipalities)

The final version


is changing recycling as we know it

  • it highlights the fact that we can solve long-standing environmental problems through the rewarding recycling in the urban fabric
  • it upgrades the appearance of the surroundings thanks to the aesthetically designed garbage bins
  • it gives consumers a motivation of “nothing is wasted”
  • it multiplies the customers’ benefits in favor of recycling
  • it contributes through those benefits to the change of attitude towards the recycled products

Ecology in the front row

Through this quality service we gain more environmental benefits.

The reason why we created Smiley Bin is our common concern about the planet’s future which is in danger more than ever, among others, because of politicians’ indifference or ignorance, and of the insufficient organization and programming of the responsible bodies in smaller cities. Thus, we decided to decisively enter the market through the construction of high technology and design recycling bins.


A new way of everyday life

We think that the importance of the reward for the expression of the desired behavior, which means the increase of the environmental awareness, will have a multiple benefit not only to the environment and the companies-clients, but also to the user. “Energy saving”, “health” and the slogan “I throw away and I gain” are on top of the benefit list for our products.