Every company needs the right partners so as to acquire or enhance the expertise it needs in order to achieve its purpose. ‪#‎Smileybin‬ has the chance to be supported by people with passion and love for what they do, which are willing to transmit to young people. Let's meet them!


tzellosTzellos Panagiotis is an entrepreneur counting more than 15 years of success in startup businesses. He helps and contributes to the development of the Greek ecosystem of startup companies. He specializes in the creation of Start-Up business from scratch (Garage Business Model), in the establishment, management and mentoring of new business groups, also in the development and analysis of their strategy, as well as in finding and raising seed capital. He is the founder of the interactive platform for events management,, as well as of,, and others. In the last four years, more than 100 students from Universities and Technological Institutions in Greece have been trained as his interns. His philosophy is to pass his knowledge and experience to young people, who are willing and passionate to become creative and innovative. In this context, in October 2013, he led a group of seven young people in Google Launchpad, where the project won the first prize. He began his collaboration with the Young Entrepreneurs Association in 2015, aiming to pass his knowledge and experience to the young generation, in order to train high school and senior high school students. As a result, in July 2016, he led a class of young high school students, the Junior Achievement Group in Alonia of Pieria, who managed to win the first prize in the Greek territory and one of the eight prizes ("Life Changer") at the European competition in Lucerne, Switzerland among 30 countries with the business idea (


pantelidouPantelidou Tania is a Greek language and literature teacher in the public secondary education sector since 2005. She graduated the Philosophy, Education and Psychology department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, specializing in the Education field. She has experience working in repatriated students classes for eight years. She has attended seminars on Cultural Management Business in Florence, Italy (18-22/12/1999).
Since 2011 she works as a Greek language and literature teacher in the High school of Alonia, Pieria. Every year she is responsible for school programs, as she believes that school must prepare children to undertake responsibilities and create demands as members of the society, spurring the spirit of utility and giving them the necessary requirements to develop their self-management. For the first time this year she is responsible for the Young Entrepreneurs Association program, “Virtual Company”

zioundrouIro Zioudrou is a French language and literature teacher and she graduated the Faculty of Philosophy in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She works in the secondary education sector since 1997. She has a degree in harmony by the Ministry of Culture. She has attended pilot programs for the application of new teaching methods, ways of teaching to students with learning difficulties in foreign languages, use of IT for educational motives and exploratory drama as a means of education. She has participated in the training program of the Research Center for Equality Issues and in personal experience workshops dealing with racism and school violence.
Since 1999, she undertakes programs concerning cultural, environmental and health education programs, and since 2006 (introduction of Greece in the International Organization of la Francophonie) she organizes school events aiming to promote the Francophonie values. She supports the alternative ways of teaching, the interdisciplinary interconnection and the potential of focus on each learner’s personality, and she acts with a view to stimulate students’ special talents and support their self-acceptance. The program held by the Young Entrepreneurs Association touches upon her interests, as it prepares students to enter a rapidly changing and volatile business environment.


motsiasMotsias Dimitris is an electrical engineer who lives and works in Katerini, Greece. He has a multi-year experience in electrical installations for residential and commercial properties. He is known for his professionalism, his well-organized work environment and reliability to customers. He has already assisted High School of Alonia a few times in the past, and he also participates in the Young Entrepreneurs Association/ JA Greece program “virtual business”, giving his advice to the students who are dealing with this innovative project and orientating them towards the self-creation and the stimulation of a positive image for themselves.

Avramidis Vasilis is an entrepreneur and owner of AVRALCO, based in Katerini, Greece, which specializes in the steel construction since 1963, and in the production of aluminum railings since 1983.
AVRALCO disposes of constructions with unique patents in the market, for which it has won three invention patents. The company assists students in the construction of the products for the virtual company SmileyBin, providing substantive support and valuable information.

kosmidisKosmides Manolis holds a bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and a master’s degree in Electrical Commerce and Management of Educational Units. From 1999 to 2000, he worked as firmware engineer at the department of the American company Atmel in Greece, participating in the development of the first Bluetooth transceivers. From 2000 to 2003, he worked as a development engineer, purchasing manager and project manager in Intracom S.A Center, where the Access software (used in Ericsson’s call centers) is produced. In 2003, he was the overall project manager of the control procedures in Stockholm, during the development of the last access card of ISDN. Since 2003, he works as an Informatics teacher in the secondary education and he is currently working at the High School of Alonia. He also deals with web marketing and he is the head responsible for 25 websites in Greece, 5 websites abroad and 8 educational unit websites. He has great experience in adult training in information technology, web marketing, development of digital contents and digital strategy. Except for teaching informatics, in the framework of school activities he also deals with school marketing, robotics programs and e-learning activities.
He assists students in the creation and promotion of the virtual company’s digital image through platforms such as and Facebook. He also assists in the design of the data process department, powered by smileybin’s sensors system.

psyroukisIlias Psyroukis currently is a student of the National Technical University of Athens undertaking an undergraduate course in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Ilias has been occupying most of his time whilst taking on projects such as the robotics structuring and programming, machine learning and computer vision. Since senior high school he has participated in teams developing robots and aerospace technology with numerous entries in a variety of the Greek and European competitions. In 2012 he participated as a member of the Icaromenippus 3D team of the 3rd Lyceum of Mytilene securing him the second place in the European competition CanSats in Europe which was organized by the European Space Agency (ESA). In 2016 he was nominated an award for 1st place in the 8th Greek National Educational Robotics Competition (WRO Hellas) in the category of Advanced Robotics Challenge as the representative of the National Technical University of Athens and was qualified to take part in the World Robot Olympiad (WRO). Ilias is also a Head Organizer and visionary of the national student aerospace competition CanSat in Greece which is been conducted by the IEEE NTUA Student Branch in coordination with the European Space Agency (ESA). The last couple of years he has observed a number of seminars, summer schools and international forums, which are supported by organizations such as the Athens University of Economics and Business, the University of Piraeus etc., focusing mostly on the young entrepreneurship and the technologies being evolved at the global environment. Since 2015 he has been volunteering in a variety of nonprofit organizations and in public interest events as a fund raiser. Simultaneously since 2008 he has kept himself occupied with environmental organizations, receiving part in the actions of the WWF organization. He has been volunteering in the Smileybin’s project in order to help the students to develop the second prototype of the recycling bin which they have oramatised.

theodoridisIlias Theodoridis is an undergraduate student at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He comes from the island of Lesvos in Greece.
At 17, as part of team Icaromenippus 3D he participated in the European Space Agency’s Cansats in Europe 2012 competition. With Ilias as team leader and head of software, mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering, Icaromenippus took Second place, building a satellite capable of 3d mapping the terrain it flew over. He has also participated in several robotics competitions in both High School and University, winning First Place in the Advanced Robotics Category in the WRO Hellas 2016 competition and a ticket to the World Robot Olympiad in November 2016 in India. Today, he is a member of the organising committee of the first Greek National CanSat Competition.
His interests include improving peoples' everyday life and working towards the progress of technology, robotics, virtual and augmented reality. He plans to study Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in the future. He is an artistically skilled creative thinker and a proficient computer programmer. He has great experience researching and managing projects. Additionally, he is involved in new technologies including 3D printing and micro-controllers.
At Smileybin, he works as a Researcher, Technology expert, Electrical & Electronic Engineer and Product designer.

mitsialisMitsialis Spiros holds degrees of "Information System Specialist - System Analysis" , "Electrical Appliance" and currently studies "Electrical Engineering and Computer Science" on National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). He has years of experience working on Industrial Automation, Electrical Installation on apartment buildings, industrial sites and hotels. He has worked on the installation and maintenance of Computer Networks and on Reneuable energy power plants in both the private and public sector. He has built interconnected machines/things and has developed software in variety of technology sectors. In the last 5 years is involved with microcontrollers and the concept of the "Internet of Things", and their application in remote automation systems. He assists students in the creation of SmileyBin, by helping them on Mechanical Electrical and Software Engineering.